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Palmtree Removals Terms and conditions 


Any parking fines/costs received will be covered by our client. Parking suspensions can be arranged by us on request, depending where you live and if the council allow it. Hourly parking charges are to paid for by the client. ANY areas of the uk which are affected by ULEZ charges will be covered by the client, this includes any counties outside london. We must be notified if we are driving into or close to a ULEZ zone, any penalties will be covered by our client. 


For all jobs over ten miles we charge £1 a mile, and 50p a mile for the return journey back to our base, this will be calculated from property to property e.g 100 miles, £150 mileage charged per vehicle. 

Deposits and cancellations:

If the client is buying/selling and have chosen a fixed/daily rate for the move, we require 50% payment from the client as deposit five days before your move, balance to be paid on completion of work,  deposit fully refundable if we are notified no later than 48 hours before the move.

A 10% surcharge will be deducted from your removal deposit for cancelling your move with less than 24 hours prior notice, to cover our losses for the date booked.

If the client is booked for an hourly rate we may ask for £25 to confirm the date and time, this is mainly in busy periods as its easier for us to work with confirmed jobs, this deposit is non refundable. 


Our insurance covers up to £15,000 per van load and £20,000 per lorry load. If there are any specialist items you are worried about e.g paintings then our insurance company are happy to provide individual cover for those items. Our cover does NOT include pets/animals and we advise any live stock to travel with you. If there was any damage done during your move we need to be notified within 24 hours after the job for household items and 7 days for garage/shed and garden items, supporting photographic evidence will be asked. If we are notified after this time we will not be liable for any damages, this also applies to items that have been moved around after the job. We will not cover items damaged from client packing or packing from another company if we are asked to handle those items/boxes. 


We understand dates often change when moving properties, we do not charge for date changes but we must recieve notice no later than 48 hours prior, so we can organise other jobs, failure to do so will result in either: 10% of your removal deposit being deducted, or the hourly deposit being withheld, to cover our losses. 


Our hourly rates start from when we arrive at your property, and finish when the work is completed at your new property/destination. The last hour is chargeable by the half hour to ensure minimum costs.  Any deposit taken prior will get taken off the final bill. The deposit will be lost for late cancellations after the 48hours deadline to cover our losses.  Our working day is 8am - 6pm. Any jobs booked outside these hours may incur additional charges. We have a two hour minimum charge for all hourly rate jobs. Payments for hourly rate jobs must be paid immediately on completion of the move.


Our daily rates are charged for ten hours, for the working hours between 8am - 6pm with 30 mins for lunch. If the vehicles and job are booked for the day then we will always aim to be finished within this time. In the unlikely event of getting property keys late in the day and we are unloading past 6pm, there will be additional charges per hour £25 per vehicle and £15 per worker. 

Due to safety reasons and concern for our staff, if we are unloading past 9pm and more than 100 miles away there will be overnight charges of £75 per worker and £50 per vehicle to cover our costs, this situation is very rare and if needed is usually agreed prior to move.


We work alongside Big Yellow storage as their recommended movers. We will not take household items to another storage company, nor will we promote another storage company in our adverts or marketing.

All goods/items are fully insured while in transit and until delivery and loaded into the storage unit. After that the insurance is covered by the storage company. In the unlikely event of the customer choosing a different removal company to bring the items out of storage, Palmtree removals will not be liable for any damage to items. The same applies if we are coming out of storage and somone else originally loaded the storage items. This also includes any damage from the results of: poorly taped boxes which collapse, poorly packed boxes eg china and glass items touching with no protection, fridge/cabinet doors not being secured, and unprotected furniture. These are common issues which can arise when the customer has 'self packed' and/or poor workmanship from a previous company. 


We accept cash or transfer into our business account, paid invoices can be sent on request for any job. We require payment to be made on satisfactory completion of works carried out, and no later than 24 hours after the job is completed for residential moves, or seven days for office moves. There is a daily charge of £50 per day until the bill is paid, this is capped at five working days at which point the invoice is passed to our legal team to recover the debt. 


Quotations done by our team will be an estimate unless a fixed rate is agreed. We cannot always be exact with the hourly rate e.g lift access in flat blocks during busy periods of the day (rush hours/school times) or getting new property keys late in the day. After a survey is done (phone/email/in person) we reserve the right to cancel any job if the customer has included items after the quotation was done. On a fixed rate this may incur an additional charge for any items not mentioned before the move day. Our hourly rate is usually agreed after the survey has been done on the phone or in person, any additional items to move that were not discussed prior will carry on with the hourly rate charge. We reserve the right to cancel any job if the customer has over packed the boxes after the quotation/survey.

Dismantle and Reassemble 

Items to be dismantled and reassembled must be agreed before the move, most household items can be done by our team, however specialist items such as large multigym, snooker/pool tables, large garden items/play areas etc may need extra assistance. We cannot garentee that the item/s go back together as they were 100%,  Please note we do NOT take anything off walls or will screw/fix anything on to walls. If any unfixing is needed it must be discussed and agreed prior to the move, we charge £10 per unfixing plus hourly rate (min one hour) and this excludes any re fixing inc TV brackets. If we unfix anything from a wall or surface with your permission we will not be liable for any damage to the wall/surface.

Day rates include dismantle and reassemble, hourly rates run with no extra charge. If any items are to be dismantled prior the move by the client and havnt been done we charge £30 per item to cover the time needed to do the job, this cost only covers: beds, standard wardrobes, bunk beds, large tables.  If we are asked to remove a wachine machine or any appliance sitting on lino or vinyl flooring we cannot garentee the flooring condition when removed due to the time the appliance has been sitting there. We are happy to unplumb and re plumb standard wachine machines with easy access, we will not make new holes or tamper with any areas.

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