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Our moving advice 🇬🇧

If you are self packing, here are some important tips and advice from us! 

  • Safety should always come first with removals, on moving day make sure there are clear pathways around the property inside and out, wires, shoes,  pet toys are common trip hazards, and can cause serious injury when carrying heavy items.                                 
  • Defrost fridge/freezer one day before move as it can take a while. After your move turn on after four hours rest, to let the gas settle inside.                                                                  
  • Ensure all glass, china, and any breakables are individually wrapped before being boxed up, and with padding around it.                                                        
  • If you are self packing, make sure the boxes are taped x3 at the bottom for strength and also padded at the bottom and top inside, pad out any space in the box to ensure the box keeps its shape when loaded.                                                  
  • If your furniture has 'assembled' items, (wardrobes, chest of draws, cabinets etc) most will not stand the weight if you leave the unit fully packed and try to move it, this is also dangerous and can cause injury. If the item is small and solid enough then leave the draws packed but secure them as they can swing out when being moved, this includes securing fridge doors and cabinets, also checking for any loose shelves including glass shelving and doors.

  • Any liquids that have been opened, e.g kitchen oil or cosmetics can leak, so bear that in mind when packing.

  • Number your boxes clearly, and what room they were packed in, for easier unload to your new home. 

  • Rented property? Take pictures before and after. 

  • Choose a trusted, recommended and fully insured removal company. We recommend getting three quotes (including us) and then deciding which one can best accommodate your moving needs.

  • Get fully packed up one or even two days  before your move, leaving just your essential items for the last night. Medicine and essentials can easily get lost in the pack up, store it safe before the packing starts and if you have help, then let the team know. 

  • Take pictures of wires (e.g if you have a complicated tv or computer system) so you know where they all go.                                                          
  • If you have van/s or a lorry arriving on your move day make sure there is available parking outside the property, parking suspension is usually possible if arranged prior, or use bins to save the spaces and alert your neighbor's not to block the space, clear the driveway and move anything that could be in the way. Vehicle access is important when moving.                                                           
  • Do not over pack your boxes, this can cause serious injury to yourself or your removal team, if packing books use small boxes, these should be provided by your removal team but if you have your own boxes then do not over pack the bigger boxes with very heavy items unless absolutely necessary. The guide line for anyone lifting a box off the floor is approx 20-25kg, any more is considered dangerous, and is often refused by removal teams.

  • Lastly.. Leave the kettle and essentials for a cuppa on moving day. 



Packing a box properly is very important..not only will it keep your items safe, but filling it to the correct volume will ensure it keeps its shape when loaded, if there is a gap or space left in the box then fill it with packing paper.

How NOT to pack a box...

Packing your boxes incorrectly will damage your items and also makes it impossible to load the vehicles properly, if the box is over filled then it won't keep it's natural shape. 
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